A Complete Guide to Clean Your Braces

For a long time you have come to know various tried and tested tips to clean the braces. Some actually work effectively while some don’t at all. But when you suffer from crooked teeth and braces are the only viable option, you don’t have much to do except maintaining a good oral health.

During the appointment with your dentist ask about clear fixed braces cost in London. By this way you can obtain the best deal to perform the treatment. Oral health will be absolutely fine if you practice excellent oral hygiene.

So, in this blog, we will let you know the most effective ways to clean the braces, teeth and maintain an overall good oral health in the long run. Let’s get straight to the point…

Ensure daily maintenance

Maintain the health and hygiene of the mouth in the following ways:

  1. Brush daily

When you at the dental clinic for the braces treatment, ask yourqueries about clear fixed braces cost in the UK so that you can get an unbeatable offer.Once the treatment is over, initially you will face some difficulty to brush the teeth. But in a day or two, you will become familiar with it.

With clear braces or Invisalign, brush for 2 minutes for 2-3 times a day. Brushing is really beneficial after every meal if you can! Anti-sensitivity toothpaste with fluoride can give effective cleanliness while protecting the enamel simultaneously!

  • Use soft-bristled brush

Always choose a soft-bristled brush for the job. These have small head that can get into every nook of the mouth. You can also make use of an electric brush for effective cleaning. However, additional attention is important while using electric brush. If you are struggling with brushing then consult with the orthodontist as they can recommend the brush which will make the job easier for you!

  • Interdental brush is helpful

You can replace or improve your brushing with an interdental brush. Specifically made to reach hardest corner of the mouth, this is particularly a mini brush. Due to the small head, it is a perfect companion to clean the teeth during braces treatment as it can access to between and under the wires easily making the teeth perfectly clean. 

  • Floss regularly

Whether you have braces or not, regular flossing is inevitable. Floss the teeth prior to brush them. It is better to do in the evening as you can spare more time if compared to the morning. Of course, flossing is challenging with the braces but do the thread carefully for a clean, stain-free and germ-free mouth.

  • Swish the mouth with fluoride mouthwash

When you set out to get a mouthwash, make sure it is alcohol-free and has fluoride. Fluoride plays a crucial role to keep the braces and teeth clean ensuring their good condition and health respectively. A mouthwash is easily available at any local pharmacy or drug store. 

Maintain the original shape of the braces

This is how you can maintain the braces’ good shape and working capability:

  1. Understand the food options to avoid

When you perform the teeth straightening treatment with traditional braces then you must know that there is some restriction. Certain foods need to be avoided as they can damage the braces permanently. Not only they stick to the braces but cleaning them is also very difficult.

Hard foods, on the other hand, will bend the wires which in turn snap off the brackets causing permanent damage to the braces. So, refrain from carrots, apples, corn on the cob, chips, popcorn candies, caramel and others throughout the treatment period.

  • Clean the sticky and stubborn particles

During the treatment, it is important to abstain from sugary and sticky foods. They will stick to the braces gradually affecting the dental health causing various dental issues. However, after consuming any such items you need to spare some time to clean the braces carefully. Floss and interdental brush can provide some help to get rid of such nasty items.

  • Keep the braces stain-free

If you opt for clear braces like Invisalign then you must know that these are prone to stain. Therefore, you need to pay extra attention to clean the teeth and aligner to make them less noticeable. You can find crystal powder to clean the aligner even if it gets stained anyway.

Furthermore, keep brushing after each meal and floss regularly to have a healthy mouth throughout the treatment and beyond. Before undergoing the treatment researching about the clear braces cost in the UK can give you some idea. Accordingly, you can find a clinic where you can get professional and experienced treatment at relatively affordable price.   

Clean the retainer

Retainer cleaning procedure involves the following steps:

  1. Clean your retainer every day

When you brush your teeth twice every day you must clean the retainer at the same time. While brushing is necessary for 2 minutes, retainer cleaning will hold on its original shape and maintain its working ability perfectly. You should only remove the retainer at the time of brushing.

  • Disinfect the retainer daily

Regular disinfection is really beneficial for the retainer. You can easily do so by a specific denture cleaning solution. Just mix the solution into warm water. Remember never use hot water as it can cause permanent damage to the retainer. In case you are not sure which cleaning solution to use ask the dentist for the best recommendation.

  • Store it in the protective case

If you ever need to remove the retainer for some reason then make sure you keep it in the provided box. This will retain the good aesthetic and working condition of the retainer. Use your fingers to remove it instead of tongue.


Adhering to all of these steps or tips will contribute to the progress of the treatment in a positive manner. However, when you need Clear Fixed Braces Cost UK for correcting teeth alignment problem you should always consult with a dentist beforehand. Chatfield Dental Braces, Invisalign London can be your reliable destination to get your teeth straightened at competitive costs. Book an appointment and let the experienced dentist perform the treatment.