Gaming Legends; From Console To Cinema

Games have been a crucial part of our lives. They do not just make our childhood dandy. But it plays a huge role in entertaining the audience of all ages. Whether indoor or outdoor games, they have nourished minds and boosted physical energy.

But there is something that is still in vogue and has made almost every other individual an addict. And that is video games. With technology, the graphics, stories, action, and shifting have taken tremendous folds. And they are just getting finer with time, like an old wine. 

The genres and capabilities of movies and shows are also getting more all-around. Because now not just original screenplays, they have an option to pick the stories of famous books.  However, it doesn’t stop here. At present, video game adaptation is becoming a trend. 

Now it’s a double dose of entertainment and excitement for the game enthusiasts. Be it the action-packed motion or immersive graphics, fighting with the enemies, or mind-challenging enigmas. P

The absorption and keenness are palpable indeed. And for gaming fanatics, it becomes a mandatory or a dear thing, close to their hearts. And for gamers, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing their beloved games turning from pixels into a movie. 

The excitement and thrill of witnessing how the cherished characters from the game will turn out on the silver screen is unmatchable. There are certain expectations of the game devotees from the game-inspired movies. And what’s more incredible is that most of the movies do justice to it. 

So, if you haven’t still witnessed the glory of gaming tales, then it is high time to give yourself an adrenaline-pumping treat. To save you from the overwhelming choices, we have carefully picked the best for you to get started. 

The Witcher

All gamers must be familiar with this amazing game with unique and compelling characters. Well, this game and book-inspired series got unleashed on Netflix. As an Original series. With a heavy star cast including the breathtaking Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra, and Freya Allan. 

The series revolves around the adventures and hunts of Geralt of Rivia. Who is a monster hunter. The show is all about epic battles, unexpected twists, and emotions to capture your heart. Moreover, it lived up to the expectations of the folks and proven to be one of the best adaptations of video game tales. 

The Last of Us

Another masterpiece that blew the minds of its viewers and began with a bang, is The Last of  Us. The video game Anecdote itself gained massive recognition among the folks. And surprisingly, the series covering it also became a massive hit in no time. It was released on Hulu. which bars users from accessing it from certain regions. 

But accessing Hulu in Greece or other European countries is now a breeze. So, don’t miss out on this one. Featuring versatile actors like Pedro Pascal, and the young star Bella Ramsey. If you are a zombie flick enthusiast and the post-zombified scenarios pique your interest then watching The Last of Us is a must for you. 

In this, Joel, the protagonist, is given the daunting task to safely escort a teenager, Ellie, to the FireFlies. To find a cure to the virus on a killing spree. 

Resident Evil

The epic horror game that took the world by storm through the extraordinary and spine-tingling story. About the survival of people inflicted by a deadly virus, turning people into mind-sucking zombies. The recent series was aired on Netflix, starring Ella Balinska, Adaline Rudolph, Conor Gussati, and Ahad Raza Mir. 

The story is all about two siblings, Jade and Billie, who recently shifted to Raccoon City with their father Albert Wesker. The sibling duo assumes that their father is hiding some dark secrets. Decades later, the world went upside down as a deadly virus took hold. And only a few million people remain, fighting for their survival. 

Sonic The Hedgehog

The cutie and fluffy blue hedgehog is all set to embark on a blazing-fast journey on the planet Earth. Who needs a superhero when you have Sonic? But things would take a wild turn. The incredibly speedy guy catches the attention of Dr. Robotnik, a supervillain. 

Who is all geared up to exploit the powers of Sonic to be dominant in the world. And become the evilest of the Evil. 

Wrapping Up

The games-inspired movies are spectacular and brimming with intense thrills and chills. Ideal for binge-watch sessions and watch parties because of their catchy themes and beloved backdrop. So, hopefully, your hunt for an amazing movie ends here. And it’s now time to stream it away!

So, grab your popcorn, hold on to your gaming consoles, and let the adventure begin!