How to Keep Our Dental Veneer as White as Possible?

We have good news: you can get the most beautiful smile with the dental veneer. Only a professional cosmetic dentist can give you the most attractive smile for several years. Besides the experience and expertise of your chosen cosmetic dentist, you must care about your veneer, like your natural teeth. Veneers are shining more than your natural teeth, so that they may get darker or more yellow over time than your natural teeth. Imagine you had a shining and attractive smile and then lost it. How do you feel? Of course, losing your glowing smile makes you unhappy, but don’t worry; you can control the condition of your veneer with some tips and specific dental care. You must follow your cosmetic dental doctor’s instructions to keep your veneers white for longer. We will explain these tips in the below post. 

How Do You Prevent a Dental Veneer from Getting Yellow? 

No one loves and notices yellow teeth or unattractive smiles; how can we prevent such a bad dental experience after getting our dental veneer?  As a dentist offering dental veneers in Woodbridge explains, veneer is a good choice for many customers who are unsatisfied with their teeth’s shapes and styles. 

How about you? Suppose you want to keep your veneer as white as possible for longer. Consider the tips and advice of aesthetic specialists who share the best recommendations based on your dental condition and chosen veneer materials. 

It is vital to watch your mouth after getting veneer. The extent of changing the color of your veneer depends on the type of veneers you currently have on your teeth. There are various kinds of veneers with different quality levels and lifetimes. We will tell you more in the next part.   

What Causes Dental Veneer Discoloration?

As dental reports show, there are 2 most common veneers in this modern and technological world. One of the most common veneer types is the lab-made ceramic veneer with the porcelain glaze layer.

This veneer won’t let the underlying ceramic change color, so your teeth’ shade will stay as white as before. It means your veneers last white until you remove them from your teeth. There are different concerns about the discoloration of veneer, and all these concerns can be dismissed by choosing the most qualified materials. 

Since you use veneer to have a better dental appearance, you must care about your veneer color and clean it regularly. Every one of us is looking for a pleasant smile and beautiful mouth condition. 

Don’t hesitate to try the best type of veneer to change your teeth’ style, shape, and color in the most practical method. Even veneers can be an excellent method to restore chipped, broken, and fractured teeth. 

Never choose the cheap veneer because they become dull over time. In addition to the type of veneer, other things like eating habits, diet, and chemical products can cause the discoloration of the veneer and place some stains on your veneers.