Tips on Jet Washing Patios, Driveways and Decking Areas

If the patios, driveways and decking around your home appear dirty, stained, or covered in grime, jet washing is an effective cleaning solution. The powerful spray of a jet washer can blast away dirt, mud, mold, mildew, and other debris that makes outdoor living areas appear worn.

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What surfaces and materials can be jet washed?

Jet washing works on most solid outdoor surfaces including:

  • Concrete driveways, garage floors, and patio slabs
  • Brick and stone walls, steps, and patios
  • Composite decking planks and railings
  • Wooden fences, pergolas, and decks
  • Painted exterior walls and trim

Adjust the pressure and aim of the jet spray based on the surface material to prevent damage while still cutting through dirt and stains.

Can I jet wash roof tiles?

Only jet wash roof tiles if they are designed to withstand high pressure sprays. Check manufacturer guidelines to be sure. Avoid using heavy cleaning solutions on tile roofs as they can seep underneath and cause interior leaks.

Should I use a patio cleaner?

Yes, apply a degreasing patio cleaner 5-10 minutes before jet washing concrete, brick, and stone. Let it fully penetrate to lift oil stains and ground-in dirt so the powerful spray can rinse it all away.

What are the benefits of jet washing?

Jet washing provides much deeper cleaning compared to using hoses, mops, or scrub brushes by hand. The high-powered spray easily blasts away years of accumulated dirt, grime, mold, mildew, moss and debris that regular cleaning methods can’t touch.

It works faster than manual scrubbing and produces longer lasting results. You can jet wash a full driveway or large patio in the same time it would take to scrub clean just a small section.

Jet washing also sanitizes outdoor living spaces by removing bacteria, allergens, and fungal spores. The high temperatures combined with strong blast force kills and rinses away most microbes. This reduces health risks for pets and family members using the spaces.

It restores worn, weathered outdoor surfaces to like-new condition. Jet washing concrete, stone, wood and other materials reopens pores and removes stains and oxidation to improve appearance. This also increases lifespan by preventing lasting damage from chronic dirt buildup.

In addition to improving aesthetics, it adds real value to your home. Clean driveways, fresh decking, and inviting patios/terraces increase a property’s desirability and resale value. First impressions matter, and jet washing makes a great impact.

Jet washing also preps surfaces for resealing, preventing interior water damage and future repairs. And sealing freshly cleaned areas helps maintain that just jet washed look for longer.

How often should I get my surfaces jet washed?

For high traffic areas like driveways, garage floors, and entertainment patios, jet washing every 1-2 years keeps them looking clean and bright. Decks and fences may only need jet washing every 3-5 years. Inspect surfaces annually and jet wash whenever they appear significantly dirty.

What are the risks of jet washing?

The high pressure spray can damage delicate materials like wood, roofing, and plants if not used properly. Inexperienced users can etch concrete, splinter deck planks, kill grass, and more if not adequately prepared and carefully working.

Should I buy a jet washer?

Renting or hiring jet washing services is usually the smarter move. Equipment costs, learning curves, risk of exterior damage, and achieving professional-grade results make DIY jet washing extremely challenging for most homeowners.

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Jet washing is highly customizable cleaning for all exterior surface types. The adjustable pressure nozzles and interchangeable tips let professionals like Jet Washing Cleaning London tailor the cleaning strength to the unique needs of your home’s materials. Whether a delicate low-PSI rinse for fence wood, or an intense jet spray for driveway grease stains, the equipment and expertise exists for outstanding results.

This custom approach prevents damage while delivering deepest cleaning. Rather than guessing at rental equipment settings, licensed Jet Washing Near Me professionals have the knowledge to polish patio stone without etching it or invigorate deck fibers minus any splintering. Their array of specialty nozzles strip away grime without stripping away the surface itself.

Jet washing pros also apply eco-friendly cleaning compounds for extra cutting power against stubborn oil, mineral and rust stains in earth-conscious ways. So you get spotless results without toxic runoff messing up gardens or contaminating storm drains. The powerful rinse even diverts everything down proper drainage paths.And unlike attempting jet washing on your own with rental equipment, trained Jet Washing Cleaning London technicians have extensively safety-checked tools and strategic techniques to efficiently divert waste water away from your home’s foundation. Preventing moisture seepage into basements, utility areas and crawlspaces.